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to the umvtrst of ultima Jf. In your 
two disks with three disk sides oj 'pogrom, a gamine 


Bon Vc reading, jpw'fl jfiwrf 
thai went into 

, Now, j#?feiflij fftf owe expect; you to want to read tk story or even all the mtmcfim kfore you take 
a aood look at what you've %ot,and that mem hootin% up pur disk. So k kind ewuojn to read tfii\ page and tk 
next and pu'll k up and placing Ultima J [ in no time. The story contains background and faith you'll eventually 
mnt to know, but you can worry about that latex. 


Im tk programs, you'll find friends and monsters, ropl courts and musty dungeons, action and adventure. 
Since you're loo big and too three-dimensional to fit on a floppy, pull need to creak a friend to run around tk 
Ultima universe for pu. Running around Earth and creating a character represent two disk sides. Tk tfdrd disk 
contains all of well known space. 

Hat's what rarii disk side is for. 

DISK l SIDE 2: THE ULTIMA J [ PROGRAM MASTER. The Program master nm Sfc shew. \t's 
boot and what ids all tk pod stuff in motion. 

DISK 1, SIDE r. THE ULTIMA J [ FLAYER MASTER, Tfe Vhyer Mfljfef covins tk prototype 

to play! In 
uj, fat ■ 


f. Because 

, don't trust Sierra On-Unc's invwT&k (then won 
write protect tab over the disk notch riaht now, Tk 
like I') create. 


Copy A from pur Apple system mster disk will do the trick, so will Super Disk Copy III or unu other 
program that will cop\j ordinary unprotected disks. Yom can even use FID if you initialize i>our own di\k first, 

Your newly made disk is pur Ultima j f Placer Disk; lakl it so you'll knew thuL It's tk disk you'll k using 
most while playing the yame, Bt sure pu don't put a write-prokct td on it. 

If \pu want semal diameters, mak a disk for cad m, and you might consider putting tk cfmrackrs' 
names on tk lahtls. 

So, copy tk Player Master a million tima if your like, but, take kd, DO NOT ATTFMPT TO 
and even demons and balrons will escape from tk universe of Ultima into your real universe and srar?. you 

niyhl and other horrible thinys and f besides, Lord Rnthh won't lift; you. 

Aijymay, i/ {/m drop chewmy gimr (fi* (ffflfif dtfto or ydirr fbty (ffiw* they're bom or your fesj orfj in 
taw i^/ifJ[ he catches you playing Ulfmra j [ al work, Sierra On-line will acfamqt idem just for tk price, of Ifse. 
disk and tk effort. 

DISK }, SIDE 1: THE GALACTIC DISK. It's amaiiny to behold, fat on this disk reside all of outer 
spaa and tk nine planets of tk Solar System in detail You can put this disk a fide for a while; you won't need it 
until pur tharurter h well on into the yame. 


Tk. beautiful honest to yoodnew doth Ultima \ f time map not only serves tirelessly to yuide you throuyh the 
torridon of lime on Efirffi, it aho doubles nicely as dish towel, handkerchief, or txfra serviette when unexpected 
t.ompan\\ aVujn in for dinner. 


tf you'd just as soon make life easier for tk. people who'll he ready to kip pit in tk event that ana problems 
(iritf, or if pu like freezes and quad surprises, or even if you jml like. writing pur lovely name, fill out tk warranty 
card and drop it in tk mail to Sierra On- Line Old SOL \s always doiny tilings like siynina its customers up for 

neat free magazines and stuff, and, even if mthina like that happens, making tk effort to send in this little card 
fist might make you famous in Coarseaold, California a universe not unlike that of Ultima ] \. . . 

PLunama in 

Okay, okay— now you can boot up. Almost, Let's k orderly about it. 

THE MASTER PROGRAM DISK.' If you ever play Ultima J I with tk Master Player Disk and pur 
character yets wiped out, so will pur ability to play Ultima ][. 
Boot up tk master Program Disk. 

4. Wdft/i in awe tk stirring title and credits. Stay awake because tk menu follows, 

5, Read tk menu. U offers to show pu a demonstration (§reat for dealers but eminently skippable especially 
if pu've plapd Ik original Ultima), to kain tk game, or to have pu create a character. 

6. Choose to create a character. 

7, Take pur Master disk out of pur disk drive when the program sap to, put it in its jacket, and put it 
bad in your Ultima ] [ box. 

S. hisert you: newly made player disk. It kips to have made pur copy on an old and scruffy disk so you 
can't make a mistake and insert pur eternally shiny new Master Flayer Disk. 

g. ?ress Escape. Escape is always Ik key to press to tell Ultima's supreme kino, and controller of all 
systems that you've obediently switched disks. 

10. Answer tk Questions Ultima ][ asks you. {See the upcominy section on aeatin§ a plapr if you want to 
find out what an earth you're doing,) 

IX, When you've finished creating ti character you like, switch back to tk Master Program disk and boot 
aaain. 'How, kre's a lip for limes when you're in 11 hurry or if you've simply had enomjh awe. Press P as soon as 
tk dhk begins to hoot. Tfih skips tk wonderful credits completely, it even ignores the menus, and it takes you 
riijht into the play mode. 

12, Now you're playing. The command keys are the very next thing to read, then you can simply jorge on in 
the Ultima If world, or you can read a little more and art some Bp*. Not many, kl i/icy're good'uns. 




■4 >■ 

Left and right arrows control left and riyhl hans; the Mum key mom forward and tfe slash ky retreats. In 
space, movement is determined % xeno, yako, and zabo coordinates; refer to the Ultima } { Galactic Map for the 
coordinates of yow chosen destination, 


A) ttaek. 

B) oard. 

C) aH 
Dl eicend. 

t) titer; 
F) ire. 

IJ §$ki 
J jimp. 


M) auk. 


Fight someone or sometftinQ. Must k followed by a direction unless you're in a tower or 

Get on [four horse, climb into a plane, strap into a rocket, hoard a ship. (See Xii to change 
your mind,) 

Cast fk spell you fiave ready. (See Magic) You can only cast spells in dungeons and towers. 

Go down a level (% rope) in a dungeon or tower. 

Go into a town, village, or castle; read a signpost, 

Shoot a ship's aims once you've hoarded. 

Pitk up treasures, weapons, and armour. 

Catapults spaceship through space to coordinates you've specified. 

For lighting torch, 

When things aren't going well, \ump\u% up and down is a good way to release frustration. Often 

used in tandem with Yell (See Yell) 

Go up a level {by rope) in a dmaeon or tower, 

Tories takeoff and landing in a plane or rocket. Landings must be on grass. Hit any key to 
touch down rocket, 

Readies a magic spell you know for casting. (See Cast.) 

Stops (negates) time for all things farther than one square away from you, giving pi a cham 
to get out oj a tight situation. bkyate will only work for characters who possess a particular 
magic item. 

Offer money (gold) as payment or bribe. If tk nonplayer character you're offering to /ia 5 

to give in return, it will take your offer as a generous 
Allow one game turn to pass without doing anything. However, 
turns, Pressing the space bar accomplishes the same thing. 


Q)uiL Saves the. game; then gou can continue, reset out, or power down. When gou reboot, you'll pick 

up wkre you left off. Quit works only in tk countryside on Earth and gou must not be aboard 

Kjeady. Equip gou with your choke of tk weapons van own in hand, 

Sjfffll httempls to take item from stores without payina (or tkm. May or mag not work for 

weapons, armour, food, transport. Bf sure to flan an escape route ahead; townspeople: don't ink 
kindly to theft, 

1) ransact, [his is how you cm talk to the people of Ultima's universe. You mint follow the command by 

ping ik (ftrapW toward which your communication is to take place. Because the intricacies of 
winning— and even playing lips— are available only from characters in tk aame, you should 
transact a lot; don't skip anyone. You may even meet someone you know . . . 
UjnlocL pens doors— if you have ik Unlock must k followed by tk direction of tk door gou wish 

to unlock. Incidentally, in tk universe according to Lord British, locks gobble keys, so use them 

Vj iew. If you have a certain mayical item, mew gives you a bird's-eye view of a town or village or a 

satellite's view of a planet. One viewing per unit of magic. View doesn't work in dungeons or towers. 
Wjear, Outfits gou in your choice of the armours you own. 

Xj it. That's ait. It won't help a bit in the middle of a hairy dungeon, but it will get you out from or 

off of anything you can board. (See board.) 
Y) ell Stops everything while gou type in angtfsing gou feel like yelling— then gets on with the game, 

ht otki words, you can aet out gour frustrations, bui lt won't affect the game in tk least 

Often used in tandem with }ionp. (See jump.) 

2) tatus. Yup, that's status. Pressing 2 slops everything to display a text screen of your character's 

attributes and possessions. This is also the only command that effects a complete and open- 
ended pause in tk game. 


Only, clerics and wizards can use magic Nine spells fall into three caleasries, 

1. light— creates magical illumination, obviating tk need for a torch, 

2. ladder down—teleports gou straight down one level in a lower or dungeon. 
}. ladder up— teleports you straight up one level in a tower or dungeon, 


4. Passwall— destroys tk mil in front of gou. 

% Surface— teleports gou immediately to the wface of the planet you're on from within a 
tower or dungeon. 

0. Prayer— calls for divine intervention to destroy your foe. Results simulate reality, 

7, Magic Missile — offensive magic weapon with strength geared to the level of Ik caster. 

8, Blink— randomly teleports gou anywhere on the same level, 
g. Kill — attempts to obliterate gour foe bg magic. 

in tk universe of Ultima, acquiring spiff* is simple.: you simply purchase them at tk appropriate stores. 
'1 ffietf cosf rjjfj as ffieir jhwkt wf reuses. Cflsfing a spiff wses il up oka if ii Jtolj, so fii suri io Aavc plenty of a 
spell you plan to count on. 

To use a spiff ypir'w /wifjjfil, yuw wusf firsf pros M, /or wwjjii, fmd speci/y f/ii spiff by number (according 
taint list at /iff beginning of this section) , This readies tk spill, and il remaim 00. "on-line" spell until you 
choose another. Then ftm C, for cast, to activate tk spiff, 


Making a /Hi/iil is what you're doiny when you choose C (for creati a character) from ik main menu. 
Ultima J I will ask you to insert pur player disk. So, insert your player disk tk scruffy one, not tk master. 
Then hit escape. 

On the screen will appear tk skeleton of a character sketcft; you have ninety points to distribute amorta 
various attributes that Qive soul to your character. Once you've disirihded tk points, you get to choose your 
characta ''s physical attributes — sex and class— and its profession. Finally, you can give it a name. 

Obviously, fmo you distribute atlrifmle points affects your character; not so obviously, your choice of sex, 
class, and profession also have strong effects. Here's how it ail works. 


STRENGTH determines the damage you can inflict on a foe in a fiaht. Naturally, tk foe's altriiwtes influence, 
tk effectiveness of your strength's determination. With fifty points, you're Rocky Mka; with ten points, you're 
Rocky tk saninet. 

AGILITY is your skill at wieldiny a weapon; some weapons require considerable ability before you can use 
them at all Annie Oakley must have had ninety ability points; Tat \rviny might have, had ten. Although of 
course you'd never think of using it this way, aood ability also increases your chances of sucass at stealing. 

STAMINA reflects your ability to defend against attack. Armour adds to your stamina. Extremely strong 
monsters make it all irrelevant. 

CHARISMA, fJirif elusive quality so coveted by politicians, court jesters, and tk six wives of Uenry VIII, 
governs your success in hargainina with merchants. Prices are generally lower wkn you're exciting to have around. 

WISDOM is what you need to cast spells successfully. Merlin had a thousand worth; Micky Mouse, 
about leu. 

INTtLLIGtNCH is what you need to tell a balron from an angel— until it hits yon. Actually, intelligence 
increases your skills in bargainina and in casltna spells. Mr. Henry Ford had tons; Mr. John Delorean lost his. 

Yon must allocate at least ten points to each category. Once you're in tk Ultima / { imiverse, your attributes 
can increase to as high as mnety-mne points apiece. Figuring out how to obtain tk extra points is part of eamina 
tkm; they're costly, 

Some extra points come easily. Each race has a strona point that's reflected in attribute points for ywr 
character; and, assuming that your character mint have some prtifiliefioji for its profession, that choice too alters, 
one of its attributes. 

Here's how that woiis; firs!, tk races: 


pins intelligence 


gams 5 ogihty 


gains 5 rtrfligM 

.-4 A^d J — 1 1 1 1 r 4 .1 1 1 1 

gaiUS 5 U'HKdJH 

Wow the professions: 



fjdins JO irliiiViN 


flfliW (o itstelliyence 


gains io agility 

\rinall\i {and you njfljf pwriiiSr wktiier this is not a ratkr Strang sequence), you must give your character a 
sexual identify. If pu choose to make it a male, pur character mil} gain ten strength pints. Apparently being 
male aha affects a person's judgment about what it means to be female; but this is Lord Mtish's universe, and he 
willed, in a rare fit of triteness, that the significance of king female is having a pretty fan and a bubbling personality: 
up ten charisma. Ho hum. 

All your character needs now is a name, and the onty stipulation here is Iftat the name he no longer than 
R:wiViUH\l)km. l( you by to make it lamp, nol only will you tail and upset the proijtiim, hti Ku.myd)l!lhk\H 
himself will come and jump up and down on the roof above pur bedroom emu ntyht for three weeks. 

101 You have a new friend. You've created a colleague who'll do pur bidding, fight pur fights, find pu 
treasures. Take pur friend and enter Ultima J [. 


No one remembers exactly when in history time doors first appeared, probably because their very existence 
lenders time relative. Ancient hooks show no mention of them prior to the defeat and demise of the evil Mondain, 
so well recorded in Ultima. 

Stronylg convincing scientific theory supports the chronology. Mondain had gained such power that, upon his 
death, the physical laws of nature suffered a great upheaval. When the smoke cleared, what remained were corridors 
in time and space: what me commonly call our time doors. 

Numerous scientists and adventurers have attempted to traverse the corridors, and the few who've relumed 
speak of areat confusion and difficulty in controlling progre ssion through the corridors and, especially in primitive 
limes, of finding normal transport to appropriate reluming door*,. 

Nevertheless, the existence of the lime doors has changed irretrievably all that h and all that em was. 
When— no, where— there were no time doors, that whkh was done was done; no second c fiances existed; there 
was no reaching into another time to find a cause, negate it, and thus remove its effect from all time. 

Now, of course, it is possible io all times, 


As far as we know from those few returning time travellers, the time corridors conned with five distind time 
periods, although none of those hews has ken able to determine with ami semblance of precision their cmct 
historical dates. Their experiences do appear to confirm the existence of inteJlicpit life forms in many eras traditionally 
thought to support onty primitive life or no life at all, 

One period, reported by two independent traveller \ if only vaguety, appears to have no equivalent in pr^r 





scientific thought at all; ironically, however, it it is what it appears to k, it is tf\t period about whidi tk most fias 
ken written. Until now, such writing were klicved to be theological at kit, pure imayinulion at worst; it is a 
time we know only through mythology: the time of Legends. 

Hae are the five time periods apparently accessible through tk time corridors, 
LEGENDS. Tiif time before time, peopled by creatures of myth and lore. Whether Ik time of' 
Legends is ruled by aood or evil affects all other times and places. It is believed that tk 

power of Ik enchantress Mum, tk author of our worst troubles, is greatest in this now. 
The time when Earth is still forming, before volcanic upheavals separate tk. seven continents 
and set the ami continental drift in motion. Earth is one ijreat continent surrounded by 
a frantic ocean. There appears to k abundant, if sparce, lift and same civilization, 
although its origins art so far inexplicable. 

Tk time just kfore the dawn of civilization as history records it. According to tk time 

©travellers, an advanced civilization already exists in B.C., apparently tk progtny of tk 
kqinnhiQ civilizations of Pangea. The old twentieth century "crackpots" who tkorhed 
that civilization as we know it developed from a few human kings left behind by a prior 
advanced civilization that for some reason moved on into space gains enormous credibility 
in R,C 

A,D. The present— if we can still call it thai. Specifically, iqgo. Aj ii is, but apparently now 

*fc not as it has to have ken, a rather perilous time of egocentricism leading to 

^7 overemphasis on danyerously sftaky intraplunetanj jealousies and areeds. The time reflects 

on Us people who suffer stress, and a sense of urgency that encourages pragmatism over 
reason, dulling awareness of values and leadina weaker souls to lives of crime and soft- 
ware piracy. 

AtTKKMATH. Tk postholocausl period once thought of as the future. Much of life and all known 
/f"ft civilization has ceased to exist As m learn more of tk enchantress bAinax, we kcome 

MJ/ more and more convinced of kr single handed perpetration of the entire holocaust itself 

and all that led to it. Note that much oftk land mass has been wiped out; especially the 
ky cmtm and most troublesame hotspots of the great Sino-Busso- American Era. 

The time doors of all lime periods are shown on a map of the world as it is in A.D. Accurate maps cf most 
other times do not yet eti$L You will have to extrapolate tk location of otficr time periods doors as they would appear 
in ikir own lime periods. Manse Legends is pretime, or cxtratime, its map would not resemble that of Earth in 
any reasonable way. Therefore, Legends is represented by its four known time doors grouped at the bottom of the 
map — where Antarctica would appear if any time doors were to appear in Antarctica, 

Time doors are not always, only sometimes. When tkg appear, tky rise silently looking rather like a blue 
mist that takes on the form of a door. Very soon they dissipate. To enter a time corridor, simply step into a time 
door while it's visible. Caution: do not position yourself where a time door um and wait for it to reappear. It will 
not, so lona. as you ate on its spot Tk consequences of upsetting tk sequence of lime doors are unknown but scientists 
speculate that they could be disatrous. 

The symbols and lines on tk map represent tk kst possible extrapolation and compilation of sketchy infor- 
mation given by those jew returned time travellers. F.aih time door is represented on the map by two symbols. The 

first is tk symbol of the time period in which that door will appear, the second is the symbol of Ihe time period 
to which it is believed that time door will transport the traveller, A direct line from the time door shows where on 
Earth you will find yourself in the new time. Wkre mere than one Hue leads from one lime door, the line 
representing tk door's destination is tk one that leads to mother time door that has tk destination time symbol as 
its first marker. 

Try following this example on tk map. Supposing you're in Ik time of tk aftermath and you wish' to travel 
to the present. Look for a door represented first by Ik aftermath symbol followed by the A.D, symbol Fiwd it? It's 
in Alaska— with numerous lines extending from iL lM fat tk line tkl leads to a time door where the first symbol 
is A.D. Gut it? Try Argentina. In this me, tk door in Argentina leads right hack to Ik future in Alaska; but 
that won't always be the case. 


When the playiny screen appears, you see your character in the center of a landscape. Use Ik movement keys 
{return, arrows, and slash) to move around just enough to see that pure on a sort of map. Don't wander very 
far; your character isn't apt to he very strong yet and you have no weapons or armour. 

Do notice the text at ihe bottom of tk screen. It looks something like this: 










How hit Z to pause in playing: a text screen u?ifl take over showing your character's attributes and possessions, but 
all you want now is its pause pause function so no nasty ore wilt come along and do in your new friend while you're 
learning how to get about. 

On tk left, Ultima j [ asks your command, with CMD, and writes out your full command although you 
press only one key. hi tk dungeon, it responds to direction commands with "forward," "riyht," "left" and 
"back" instead of compass directions. 


On the rifiht, tk number next to "hits" rqtresenh tk quantity of hits you can take in battle and survive. 
Monsters vary in strength and decrease your hits stockpile by various numbers of points accordingly. 

Tk number next to "food" represents just that and works rather like a fuel supply. A little bit dwindles 
away with each turn, whether you do anything or not 

If either hits or food reaches zero, you're out of luck. 

Food is pretty easy to replace; all it takes is money to buy it and a store that sells it. Look for food stands in 

Hits are aho rcplenishable, but you must discover haw ti> accomplish that. 

Tk third line, experience, increases as you fight. Every encounter has tk potential to add lo your experience 
and most do; occasionally you'll take on a foe who's a real wimp and yet no experienLe from it though. Tk amount 
of your experience determines your character's level— it's shown at the lop of the ztatus screen. 

"Cold,'' Ik final line, shows (yot a auess?) how rich you are. Uot very. You can make more gold by 
fiyfttiny (and winniny), in which case you {jet whatever your opponent was currying, and by picking up chests in 

dungeons and towers, Tkre are plenty of ways to spend gold, tk first of which you nml to indulue in now, 


Hit any key and Ik world will magically reappear. Did \\ou notice a town nearby when \jo\i warned before! 
Head straight for it and enter. You need weapons and armour if you're to survive at all. Tkre are plenty of others 
m& for a skirt of your aold, so k on guard against your appetites; you can't afford much mare than you need. 


Did you run into ami monsters outside? Tky don't can Q&mt your motives, thru attack and you must fight 
them. In town, you may set some of Lhe same monsters as well as various people. They seldom attack in town 
unless you do something you shouldn't, hut just now you're not strong enouyh. 

Instead of fightiny, tali to the townspeople. Press T for transact; the command line will ask for tk direction 
in which you want ta transact F.n!?r it just as if you were moving tfiat way, and tk creature will respond if it 
can and chooses to. (Only rare ores have tk power of speech.) 

A lot of the people you meet will say whatever is lhe popular response in Ikir crowd these days. 'Now aud 
then, someone will break away from the crowd and reveal somelfiing extremely useful Without these bits of infor- 
mation, you won't get very deep into Ultima J [ and you certainly won't win. So talk to everyone, Put up with tk 
bores to f\nd Ik gems. 

Transact is also h~aw you communicate with storekeepers to make pwfascs. Mosf such transactions are self- 
evident, but a few use abbreviations for products and you may need clarification. So it's time to identify weapons 
and amour; tkn let's meet in tk pub. 


Tk weapons dealer will ask you to chose between 1} DA 2} MA $ AX 4} BO 5J SW 6) GR 7J LI 
8) rti. These represent, respectively, dagger, mace, ax, bow, sword, great sword, light sword, and phaser. Each is 
more effective than the one before it and more expensive loo. Be careful because at first you aren't apt to k aa_ilc 
enough to wield anything larger than an ax. 

At the armoury, you can buy leather, chain, plate, and the magical reflect and power armours. You may as 
well wear your new armour and ready your new weapon riyht away; be prepared. Tkre is one weapon you cannot 
buy; yen must earn it. It is the magical quicksword, Enilno, 

Wizards and clerks are probably smarter to wait a few turns before purchasing spells, because you need amour 
and weapons too. Wkn you cm afford them, you can refer to tk Magic Spells given with the command list to 
decipher what's king offered you in tk magic store. 


Pubs have always been centers for gossip and streetwisdom. The umverse of Ultima ]f is no exception. And, 
as usual, tk barkeep is the wisest of all. Wkn yms talk to bartenders, they'll ask, t RLIY, j. TIP? 

1/ you buy, you'll gel a drink at a reasonable price and a comment that may or may not be useful. If you 
choose tip, tk 'keep will ask how many gold pieces you're williny to spend, up to nuie; for your money, you'll get 
an important clue about the workings of the game Ultima j f — which, of course, you may or may not have heard 
if pu've asked the 'keep before. 

Bartenders' information helps you play Ultima Jf successfully and with understanding, Bwi onln from 
oracles and sages can you ael strategy hints thai enable you to win Ik aame. Tky are expensive, and tky loo can 
repeal themselves. 


Armed and shielded, jjflu'ii ready to venture into tk countryside. Chances are, you'll meet a monster or two 
in ptf hawk- 

Don't wait, attach There are no friendly wayfarers in tk countryside. There's some timing to work on in 
battle. You may hit A for attack as soon as you've finished your last turn, but don't hit a direction until you're 
diked for it. Lfyou do, the computer will pay attention only to the last command and try to move in the direction of 
tk monster, which is, of course, blocked; then you miss your turn in that all you get for it is the message that you 
can't $o that way. After a while, you won't have to watch tk screen; the timing will come. 

Keep an eye on your hit points, if you're aettiny nervous during a fight, try to guide the monster toward a 
tune door so you can disappear through it, Sometimes you can avoid monsters too, although fighting (km and winning 
is esseniial for raising experience and cash. Monsters ahvaus make a bee-line for you. Keeping that in mind, you 
can often lead them into spots from which tk}} can't get to you. 

Take warning no matter how strong you kiAme, tkrt will always k some monsters impervious to youi attach. 
They may k ferocious terrible frcalum or then ma H ^ i«ffjfecfiw ores, When you meet one— and you'll never 
meet more than one at a time—leave it alone; aet away, Tkse lonely individual creatum are mutants of Mififlx'i 
evil, doomed to continue their miserable lives forever, 

on THE Town 

Learn to make your way around the land and then through time, Seek out towns, villages, and funics and 
talk to everyone. Pay attention to the items you aet from the monsters you overcome; look at your zlatus often. 
Learn where la get food and hit points and figure out tk best plaus and methods for getting tk. most money. 

As you ctuthcr tactical information and become reasonably comfortable with pur environment, you'll begin 
picking up clues about your quest. Your purpose is to learn how to fulfill pur guest and then do what's required. 
The ultimate object of your quest is explained in tk story of MififlX. 


Eventually, your travels take you into outer space, where you can make tk yrand tour of tk viands tk 
world was politicked out of way back in tk igjo's. Space travei is tricky, so k careful. Tallow your galactic map 
well, but don't k too chicken to explore, too. 


ORC <k 

More pest than peril, the not-bright ore is the prolific product of a foolish experimental genetic mating of human 
and boar 


An ordinary human pickpocket, tk thief would rather snitch than fight 

Humanoid and strong, fiahters carry something you need 

Men of the cloth cany their crosses and proselytize but are not always yood or wise 


Wiffi mapad staff in hand, wizards enjoy throwing magic missiles thai do powerful damage 

It looks like it's shrugging, this creature of minor bells, bul its pleasure, is lo stop you in pur tracks % magic. A 
certain magical item can tfiwart Ik daemon— sometimes 

DEVIL fltf 

Complementing tk daemon, the devil stays your arms. A different passion deals with this hek% 

Awesomely recognizable from its arcat leathery wings, tk wretchedly evil khon emttres the success of its Herculean 
strength by using a sleep spell to render its victims helpless. Some have hapctksiied that the spell is not real— that 
the fetid, putrid breath of tk mature h so fwrrihle that humans cannot resist the urge to escape it immediately 
through sleep 


If it weren't so big, it might he a swan— until it taks after your frigate 

dta for their brawn, guards are mindlessly loyal to their governments; they're aenerallu harmless mhi you 
break the rules— tneu're extremely strong 


and mild, Ik grassroots of Ultima j [, merchants rarely 


bouncing about m eternal jumping fads, jesters are 
masks great whdom 


Urger-tfum life hianans, hut smaller than guards, royal persons do little other than sit 




Shank's mare mil take you far in Ultima jf—hul not everywhere. You can purdmse, overtake, or steal more efficient 
forms of transportation. 


Ridina funsekek is slightl\\ faster than miking, and horses are cheap 

When a frlaate docks near you, you can commandeer U—\f Ik crew will accept you as a seasoned sailor. Othenvise, 
they'll turn the broadsides on you 


No lets in Ultima j [, but tkse hub style prop ]Mie\ are fast tk ticket for ktfootina it around the world and thwfsjjL 

time— if you're prepared 

N&t% by Ifie lime you find One, surely by the time you figure out how to procure tint, you won't nerd a manual 
to deal with Ik situation 


Throughout the Ultima j | universe five natural terrains and two created terrains exist. Then there art five kinds 
of population center, so to speak, 

WATER zcr- 

No one in Ultima J [ knows how to swim except the sea monsters, so can only cross water witii a friaate—or 
pass over it by air. 


No problems movina on grass, fiut don't expect it to save pit from starvation, Your character's assumed to be 
humanoid, not bovine, 


you'll have no trouble making it ihrmiqh the swamp, unless you're low on hi I points, tint lose hit points with 
ever]} step. 


Sometimes tfiere are more monsters in forests, lurking behind trees. Mi they're pretlu trees and aive nine shade, 
No way! Are m a pat? 


No more concrete jungles, The streets and sidewalks of Ultima J f are paved exclusively with cobblestones— past r 
present, and future. 


Impenetrable. And if pure fluina and so much as touch ant, tfie Great Mover of Ultima } { assumes hou want to 
act out of town and escorh pu there, 


\n Countryside villages live the simple folk, selling their simple wares to wayfarers and sharing their lore. 

With the greater sophistication of a cosmopolitan atmosphere come the products of human innovation: the sword , 
the mail, and the tankard of ale, 


Tie seats of government, castles contain prisons and cathedrals, private vaults and private chambers. Explore as 
pu will, but note that the guards in castles are the cream of the crop. 


Apparently the breedina pounds for all the evil creatures in Ullima j\'s universe, leading— who knows?— to hell 
itself, the dungeons are full of hidden passages and twisty, diabolical mazes. They're also full of treasure and,, 
vicious monsters, 



Perhaps the world of evil became overcrowded, for its farces began building dungeons f%Mrti; upside-down 
feS^MWl, lowers art. Watch for stcret messages in unltklu places. 




Lip: Terrain 













Water, swamp 







Water, iitximp, grass ' 







Ail varieties 













Water, arm 






Water, grass 






Forest, grass 













Spate travel continues, untl tk courageous und creative space explorer may discover unknown universes to add to 
this map. 


When the arckvil Mondain was finally overcome hy « aullant knight {was it p$J, rumors abounded. 
?erforce, the most virulent was 8$& $ AS fiiwi f/ fits demist, Moulin fed fc/j training an apprentice, a protege 
with amaiingly powerful natural magical abilities. Tk mmor was squelched when colleagues of his conqueror 
entered his castle and found no one nor ami W °i someone. 

Lift during Mondavi's seat in power was terrible; never had a prince of darkness wielded so brutal a stick. 
Mondain reigned over oil the evils ever known and more and brought them all to fruition on Earth and Us environs 
at once, it was as if fit enjoyed seeiuy Earth's well meaniny humanoids squirm. With tk destruction of Mondain 
and his all- powerful gem of evil, those horrois ceased. 

When nothing tame of tfie mmor of a potential predecessor to this cancer, people were only too eaaer lo wept 
Us falsehood and throw off tfieir drnks of fear, Tk evils of tk past were gone with" their creator and perpetrator, 
At last, tk world was kauhful again and life was to k enjoyed, savored. 

5o it was for several years, fans amah for a child to grow to adulthood. Tftfl were emling years too, for 
tk strange appearance of Ik time $m opened a avert era of new learning a renaissance of timelcssness. Creativity 
burst forth and new works proliferated. one wanted ta notice when tk disease began again. 

hut so it did. First there was Ik single lost ore a farmer tumbled upon. What was it? Whence came it? 
Scientists knew in then secret kafts that tk ore was tk work of a sorcerer and that, had that sorcerer ken a 
benevolent one who'd created tk ore by accident, k would have come forward. Bwf % didn't want to know % so 
they put U aside, 

Tk ore was too sick and hurt lo fight when first it was found. When, sufficiently recovered, it had begun lo 
meA Us learned wrathful ways, it discovered a conundrum in Us weak little head. These creatures had saved Us 
lift— it grasped that much— and it didn't want to hurt tfiem. became tk little lone ore had never ken missed, it 
was not kset by magical influences; nothing discouraged it from embracing its newfound, confusing., but rather 
pleasant benevolence, so it persisted. 

From this one unmual ore have descended alt tk good ores we see in towns and villages today, hut the good 
people of Earth should have realized Us import those years ayo. 

Instead, little by little and too often blindly evaded, the evils of darkness began to shower Earth, By the lime 
tk people acknowledged it, tk evil was too powerful, too widespread lo k overcome directly. Already its 
perpetrator was stronger and more wretched than any prime: of darkness before and had grown too proud to keep 

Thus was the name of Min&x, enchantress of evil, made known. Master of leleknesis from the age of three 
and proudly apprenticed lo Mondain at age eleven, she had acceded to many times Jiit power. And tk world she 
created made Mondain' s reign look like good and happy times. 

For Minax is not content lo spread evil amona the good, causing misery and pain. She prefers to sow seeds of 
evil in tk good and thus sel the good against the good, leaving no person untouckd. Destruction abounds— and 
those horrors known only to Ik once good, guilt and horror and self-hatred, taint tk Earth. 

The climax was the holocaust of 2111, Minor's greatest triumph ta dale, in which ancient civilizations born 
of love of beauty and wisdom and thought turned upon one another and, in ikir vicious anger and hate, destroyed 
almost all of the very Earth that had nurtured them. 

Were it not for the time doors, you'd not likely be here now. Only the ability lo move in time enabled any 

living thing to survive tk holocaust, as far as is knom, 

Since that awful day, survivors have dmteA themselves to ajusving tk meaning of tk emd and tc rethinking 
the concept of time and its dimensions. Tins Mkakd group f:as ttS&fiM and experimented and hypotkciied in 
the hope a] finding some means of mint} tfie time doors to reve.r\e. time or to change a cause and reverse its effect. 

Throughout {fair study, two complementary theories have held sip. They believe that evil can derive from a 
single, overpowering source and tfiat tftis want is lAinax. And they believe there to he a chance that total elimination 
of a root cause may reverse, its effkts from ull lime, as if all immediacy is the present and all die is tfte future. 

That group, which 1, lord British, chair, extend our deepest respeet and admiration to \iou for heroically 
volunteering for this extremely dangerous expedition into time. Know before you §0 that, wktkr you succeed or 
fail, uou have our gratitude and, indeed, our love. 

And, if—no, when— you succeed, you'll return to now as it could mui \hould have been. Those of us in this 
small group can guarantee from our deepest beings (hat we will never forget your great deed, hut you should k 
auwe thai, % the very nature of your success, future generations prospering in tAe sunlit glory of tk universe as 
you will have made it are apt to forget. Your satisfaction must he self-sufficient. 

If you understand all this and are slilt willing to venture forth, then go now with our abundant wellwisks 
and the knowledge that our thoughts will be with you ceaselessly until your return. 

Farewell. lAay tfie force of good surround you throughout your trek. 


What fond of adventurer are you, anyway, that you're still sitting here reading this legend instead of entering 
Ultima ]l? 

Begone— and boot! 


lord Bnfo/i acknowledges a special debt of gratitude to friends and colleagues in the noted areas: 

Pr$$rmmiH$: Kmndh Arnold, Rkfard Gurriott, Ktitfi Zaklaom, 

Canif Dfugpi; Udm Garriott, Owen Gamoil, Howard Makh, Mary Taylor Mln 

Inspiration: Susan Davn, Debra Dei Nero, Linda Gamoll, Christine Hanson, Shcrri Mchdams. 

Special thanks to all personalities found within Ultima j [, 

.- •- - 

J-* 1 * 



• son